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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway: Finding Me by S.K. Hartley

Title:  Finding Me
Series:  Bad Boy #2
Author:  S.K. Hartley
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  January 27, 2014
Review Source:  Enticing Journey



The lines are blurred between what is real and what isn't, the darkness that was once a place I feared was now a place of safety. If I stayed in the darkness, the hellish reality of what was truly happening no longer seemed real. 

But I was about to be pulled out from under the consuming blanket of dark shadows, and plunged into the murky depths of my past. I was about to be shown my demons and all its evil sides, all of it's pain and grief. I could only hope I survive it.

What happens when the world you once knew crumbles and falls at your feet?
Who will find me? Who will save me from my demons?
My dark prince or my white knight...
And will I find myself in the process.

WOW! We continue Neva’s path to many things. College, over coming her past, love and of course her future. She’s hanging on by a thread. More has happened to this young woman than most see in a lifetime.

We left Finding You with Neva being betrayed by the man she loved, Angel. Angel was doing his father’s bidding and he found her and brought her to his father. He did what he was told so his mom wouldn’t be harmed. He felt he had to do it even though it killed him because in the mist of all this he did fall in love with Neva. But as I’m sure you could figure out, this book isn’t about Angel and Neva, no it’s really about Neva. Her journey to becoming herself and being ok with that. Finding who she is and being able to control her emotions and feelings better. Overcoming her past and her father’s death.

It’s at time gut-wrenching to see what this woman has been through and what she still has to go through. Yes, I said see. That’s what S.K. Hartley does…..allows you to SEE. With her writing you can see what is happening. When the books opens, right where we left off, the writing is so good I could feel myself flinch when Logan’s father came after Neva. I had tears rolling down my cheeks just the way I pictured hers. 

But the main reason for the tears only takes one word…….Logan. 

Logan is her heart. She is his. But he leaves her because he thinks he is her crutch. In the first book you remember that Logan was the one to protect her from her demons in real life and in her dreams. He’s always there for her. In this book he felt he need to take that away and force her to tackle her demons on her own. She manages, barley, but will she be able to get the help she needs? Will she understand why Logan has left her? Will she ever be able to forgive him?

"Have you ever been down to the beach, and got that overwhelming feeling where you just have to put your feet into the water? Just to feel it against your skin?” I ask, raising my brow in question. 
She pauses, as if thinking about the question. Seconds later she nods in understanding. 
“That is why I love you. You’re like the sea. A temptation. An overwhelming feeling that pulls me in just to feel you against my skin. No matter how many times I walk along the beach, it still pulls me in, I have to have it against my skin. It’s a temptation that I cannot and will not hold back from. You are my sea, and I’m addicted to drowning in you. When I fell in love with you, I went in feet first and I never want to come back up for air."

Logan is…..just wow! Such a strong character. I love him!!! I was yelling at him for leaving her but Neva is so dependent on him and as hard as it was letting her go was good for them. 

Finding Me is just…..again WOW!!! Loved this story so much love these characters so much. Tate & Low are still there as supporting characters and support they do!!! They are so great. I don’t give my 5-bar reviews out lightly because it pretty much means a perfect score but I couldn’t find anything wrong with this story. The writing alone deserves the 5 bars!!!! Wonderfully Amazing!!!!

Can’t wait for the next book which will be Tate & Low’s story. The Epilogue is from Angel’s POV and I can’t help but wonder if he will get his story? It’s strange with his betrayal and all but he is a victim too and his story could be really great.

Thanks S.K. Hartley for an amazing book!!!! Highly Recommend!

S.K. Hartley is a mother, wife and a writer. Based in the not so sunny North West of England you can find her either glued to her computer desk, in the public library (Yes, they do still exist!) or floating around her favourite authors books signings.

S.K. Hartley has an unhealthy obsession with coffee, chocolate and retro computer games and a healthy obsession of stalking indie authors.



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