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Review: Unspoken (The Woodlands #2) by Jen Frederick

Title: Unspoken
Series: The Woodlands #2
Author: Jen Frederick
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: December 23, 2013
Review Source: eARC provided by Author for review

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Whore. Slut. Typhoid Mary.

I've been called all these at Central College. One drunken night, one act of irresponsible behavior, and my reputation was ruined. Guys labeled me as easy and girls shied away. To cope, I stayed away from Central social life and away from Central men, so why is it that my new biology lab partner is so irresistible to me?

He's everything I shouldn't want. A former Marine involved in illegal fighting with a quick trigger temper and an easy smile for all the women. His fists aren't the danger to me, though, it's his charm. He's sliding his way into my heart and I'm afraid that he's going to be the one to break me.

Impulsive. Unthinking. Hot tempered.

I allow instinct to rule my behavior. If it feels good, do it, has been my motto because if I spend too much time thinking, I'll begin to remember exactly where I came from. At Central College, I've got fighting and I've got women and I thought I was satisfied until I met her.

She's everything I didn't realize I wanted and the more time I spend with her, the more I want her. But she's been hurt too much in the past and I don't want to be the one to break her. I know I should walk away, but I just can't.

Bonus Content: Upon reaching the USA Today Bestselling milestone, I wrote a 10,000 word epilogue as a thank you to the readers who loved and supported Unspoken. I posted it for free on my blog but at the urging of readers, I have added it to the original version.

Note: This is a New Adult Contemporary Romance with mature content and sexually explicit scenes. 91,000+ words. Standalone novel.

I just love Jen Frederick.  I read Undeclared a while back when I was a reviewer for Once Upon a Twilight and I was lucky enough that Jen sent me a personalized, signed copy of the story which started my obsession with signed books!  My review of Undeclared is linked below.  I fell in love with the characters in Undeclared so when I found out that Unspoken was coming out I was over the moon to get back into The Woodlands series.  

Unspoken focuses on Bo Randolph, brother in arms, former Marine and best friend of Noah who moved them to Central College so that he could meet his long time pen pal, Grace.  While Bo doesn't believe that Grace is the best thing for Noah, he seems to be completely in love with her so he tries to leave them alone.  Bo's into fast hook ups and no strings relationships.  He uses his fists to solve problems and is constantly itching for a good bare knuckle fight.  Until meeting AnneMarie (or AM as her friends refer to her) he has never even given a relationship a second thought, but there's something about the broken girl that only faces forward and never looks anyone in the eye that has his attention.

AnneMarie made one huge mistake at a frat party her freshman year and was labeled Typhoid Mary.  She can't walk around on campus without constant snickering about what diseases she might carry and if you can contract them by getting too close.  Other than her best friend Ellie and next door neighbors, AM doesn't have a lot of interaction with the students at Central.  She heads to class and heads straight home, never lingering on campus.  She just chooses to avoid the issue instead of transferring.  After all, it's not her fault the truth has been grossly misconstrued for two years.  But now, Bo Randolph wants to be her lab partner and is taking notice.  Will Bo be the first person that AM lets her walls down to after all these years or will Bo's equally dark past be enough to drive AM away for good?

Incredible character development in this story.  These two have had it rough.  The demons hit home and I'm sure resonate with a bulk of the population.  How often does a guy sleep with a girl and all of a sudden she's supposedly slept with an entire team of men or half the school?  I'm sure this happens on every campus across the U.S. at least every year and it's disgusting and gritty but that's what makes it real.  It's what makes you feel for AM and her situation and you praise her for being strong enough to continue her education without running away.  And Bo, well you just gotta love him.  Even for his dark and twisted past.  You gotta love his fierce need to protect a girl he only just met.  That's honorable no matter how tainted he believes himself to be on the inside.  

I love Jen's writing style, I even had to look up Agent Provocateur lingerie (you'll understand when you get to that part in the story) just to see what they sold and may have to happen upon a store in the future!  Then there is the Epilogue! That additional 10,000 words is no joke.  I thought to myself, "this has got to be the longest Epilogue in the history of all of fiction."  I may have to do some digging on that little factoid but I assure you it was wholly enjoyable and while there were rough patches these two deserve each other and compliment one another in so many ways.  Bravo again Jen and thank you for the amazing story!

Jen Frederick lives with her husband, child, and one rambunctious dog. She's been reading stories all her life but never imagined writing one of her own. Jen loves to hear from readers so drop her a line at


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