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Living In Sin - Review

Title:  Living In Sin
Series:  Escort Series
Author:  Isabel Lucero
Genre:  Erotica Romance
Publish Date:  December 31, 2013
Review Source:  ARC from Author

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Jace Jamison is every woman’s fantasy. He’s a mysterious businessman willing to sweep you off your feet, a tattooed bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and a sexy friend you want to take that next step with. Jace is everything and anything you want him to be. He’s a highly paid escort.

But nobody knows who Jace really is; the man whose dad abandoned him, whose brother was killed, and who had to take care of his mom at a young age. At the age of nineteen, he was living in Sin City, ready for a life away from stress and struggle.

Adrienne has been having a sexual drought since she broke up with her boyfriend. Even then she wasn’t getting fully satisfied. Being an event planner, she’s constantly working at numerous events. Several times she’s seen a man she can only refer to as the God-like creature at her work functions. He’s devastatingly handsome, tall, and has beautiful eyes, but he’s always with a different woman. The last thing she needs is another player in her life.

After a few chance encounters with Jace, her best friend convinces her to just get some good sex out of him and not worry about who she’s seen him with. But what happens when she finds out that he isn’t dating these women because he wants to, but because he’s paid to?

Keeping his job a secret from Adrienne seems easy at first, but when she begins meeting people he knows in his escort life, and they begin getting closer, he knows he has to tell her before someone else does.

When their worlds entwine, and confessions are made, will they be able to work through it? Will she be able to push aside his sins and focus on the good in him? Will Jace get what he’s never had? A woman who wants him despite what he’s done. Or will living in sin cost him what he never knew he wanted?


Jace is HOT! There's no other way to say it. Just so good looking even the best looking women feel he's out of their league. His looks could get him anything he wants - the best of everything. And it does. He has great friends, a fantastic apartment and lots of women. However, his women have to pay for it……Jace is a paid Escort! The one thing his looks aren't getting him - love.
Adrienne is an event planner, has great friends and a modest apartment. She's happy. Her and her BFF, Emilie, enjoy going out and having a good time together. Emilie is way outgoing with her over the top and funny personality (you will love her!) where Adrienne is much the same but it's more quite and a bit reserved. She's had relationships but nothing all that exciting in or out of the bed.

Adrienne has seen Jace around and always with a woman on his arm. After some trickery and determination he finally manages a dinner with her and Jace gets Adrienne to his apartment. Meanwhile in Adrienne's mind she's decided that she'll go as far as he wants to go. It's been a while and men do it all the time so she's decided…...

Excerpt: (Adrianne in Jace’s bathroom) 
"You can do this. You're a strong, independent woman. You work hard and deserve to have some play time. Men go out and get laid all the time. There's nothing wrong with you doing it too."
This book is sexually charged and just flat out HOT!!!! The chemistry between Jace & Adrienne you feel from the moment they meet. I Love them!!!!! The way they treat each other is so respectful. Yes it's hot but it's also sweet and caring. They genuinely like each other.

Jace hasn't decided if he's ready to "settle down" but it's in the back of his head. Will he take the plunge and quit the escort business? Is Adrienne the "one"? Can he trust that she will understand not only is present but also his past?

Will Adrienne believe that he really wants just her? Can she trust someone with a job that he has? Will he give it up for her? Will she be enough for him? Her past relationships have ended mostly without closure, will she allow him to tell his side? Will she allow Jace into her heart?

I HIGHLY recommend this book. It’s so amazing and hopefully it’s the first of several books. There are others in this same Escort company that make small appearances and I am anxiously awaiting their books too. Definitely buy this book!!!! You won’t be sorry!


Isabel Lucero was born in a small town in New Mexico. She was lucky enough to escape and travel the world with her husband and two kids, thanks to her husband's career in the Air Force.

Her love for reading is anything but new. She first started reading Mary Higgins Clark and James Patterson books. Once she got her hands on Fifty Shades, it catapulted her into a world she didn't know existed; the indie author world.


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