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Blog Tour + Reviews + Giveaway: Ethan (Alluring Indulgence #5) by Nicole Edwards

Title: Ethan
Series: Alluring Indulgence #5
Author: Nicole Edwards
Genre: Adult, Gay Romance
Publish Date: January 7, 2014
Review Source: eARC provided by Author for review

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Ethan is part of the Alluring Indulgence series (#5), however, this book was written to be read as a stand alone book as well.

Erotic M/M Romance
Mature Audiences

How long did it take you to find your place in the world?

For Ethan Walker, going through the motions of life, keeping his distance and never getting attached has become the mantra he lives by. Success is measured by how many hours he can work and how little attention he can draw. That was until he landed on Beau Bennett’s radar. Until Beau, Ethan had never met a man who could get him to question his own logic and even consider taking a different path.

Beau Bennett knows exactly who he is - now. It might’ve taken him some time to figure it out, but now that he has his bearings, Beau has set his sights on the mysteriously sexy Ethan Walker. Pursuing someone has never been his style, but something is telling him to keep at it because the end result is going to be worth it.

Now that they’ve found one another, how long will it take Ethan and Beau to accept that their place in the world is... Together?

Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: m/m encounters, anal sex. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.


Upon hearing that Battery Operated Book Blog had been chosen as one of the blogs for Ethan, I was over the moon.  Needless to say, when all three reviewers read the same book, we all want to put our review up.  I felt the post would be too long.  So instead of giving you three individual reviews, we've posted our personal thoughts to Amazon and anywhere else reviews can be posted and have collaborated to give you a juicy overview of what we each thought in the following categories! 

  • I was freaking over the moon. After "Holidays with the Walker Brothers" I was desperate for more of Ethan and to see how his story would play out and if he would be able to finally open up to Beau. ~ Jennifer
  • After I read the Holidays with the Walkers I was left with a longing for Ethan to get his story out and heard. He just seemed to be so lonely and longing for what his brothers were finding.    ~ Renee
  • Ethan was already being talked about when I started the series from the first. After Holiday’s with the Walkers, I was anxious for Ethan’s story. All of the Walker’s are so….just….together but Ethan was always so lonely. I really wanted him to get his story out and find his true love. ~ Gretchen
  • Incredible! Nicole never disappoints here. Her stories are not only believable but relatable. This story deals with the real world problems that those in the GLBT community face everyday and the hardships that come with admitting who you are not only to yourself but to those that you care about. ~ Jennifer
  • Words can not describe the feelings that I have for not only Ethan and Beau, but for Nicole as an author. Sometimes you read a story that just sticks with you long after reading it, and this is one of those stories. Knowing and understanding the issues that were brought to light within this story brought it all home even more for me. Nicole’s writing makes you feel as if you are right there in the room with them at all times, she makes it real. ~ Renee
  • Love Love Love this story! In one word….RAW! It’s raw emotion, love, hurt & anger. You can feel the emotions yourself as you are reading. Completely Amazing! When Ethan is telling what happened in his past you feel it! That’s completely due to the amazing writing of Nicole Edwards! ~ Gretchen
  • Beau - because after being with Zane he solidified who he was and what he wanted and that was Ethan. Getting Ethan to admit to himself that he wanted Beau was not going to be an easy task, but he was in it for the long haul. Getting Ethan to further come out of the closet and admit to a family that already knew who he was, would be even harder but he knew Ethan was it for him and would be worth the wait. ~ Jennifer
  • This is a tough one for me. I feel that both Sawyer and Curtis are heroes in this book. Both take and have taken time to care and support the family and the values of the Walker family by showing unconditional love and not passing judgments. ~ Renee 
  • I think I have to say Beau mainly due to his crazy amount of patience. No matter what happens he keeps his cool and finds the right path to take. It might be an incredibility hard path but once he knows what he’s going to do he does it with all his heart. He loves deeply, protects aggressively, and fights for what he believes in. ~ Gretchen
  • Sawyer definitely! I can't explain why because it would be a major spoiler, just know that Sawyer has a very big space in my heart now because of what he did for Ethan all those years ago.  I can't wait to read his story. ~ Jennifer
  • Again for me I have to say Sawyer and Curtis both hold this spot for me. At different times both were there standing behind and helping Ethan when he needed to have support both physically and mentally. ~ Renee
  • Sawyer! I can’t wait for his book!!! Like to the point that I’m making his story up in my head. There’s been so much talk about Kennedy and I just can’t wait!! He’s the life of the party and sort of the family jokester but he’s Ethan’s rock and always has been. The way he’s there for him and forces him to deal with things from his past – LOVE HIM! ~ Gretchen
  • Curtis and Lorrie Walker - I think I mention them almost every review but I just love them. Lorrie's reaction when she gets the call from Ben (you'll know who I'm talking about when you read the story) and the way Curtis stands up for his son and Beau against multiple enemies throughout the story, solidifies their place in my heart! These are the kinds of parents every one of us should have and that we should aspire to be. The kind of parents that accept you for who you are and accept your children for who they may be no matter who they love. ~ Jennifer
  • How all of the Walker family (immediate and extended) pulled together to stand up and show their love and support for Ethan. And basically make the statement you mess with one you mess with all. ~ Renee
  • Curtis & Lorrie Walker – Definitely. What completely amazing parents! Most parents have their own idea of what and who their children need to be and do. Curtis & Lorrie don’t really care… long as their children are happy. Ethan being gay – what did they say? Are you happy? That’s it. No judgement. Just are you happy. I want people to read this series just to learn how to be amazing parents.
    Oh….also loved all the HOTNESS!!! I mean yes the story is great & amazing……but Ethan & Beau can sure get it on!!!! ~ Gretchen
  • Oh ... can't really get into this without spoiling the book so let's just name names ... Jimmy and Ben. Nothing boils my blood more than ignorance and bigotry. ~ Jennifer
  • I really can not get into specifics for reasons of spoiling the story, but let’s just say that I wanted to punch Beau’s parents and I am sure you will too. There are things that I can not fathom and I am thankful that I never had to experience this. ~ Renee
  • IT ENDED!!!! LOL But I have to agree. Hated the hate & ignorance. That said, the story had to have it. It’s what makes the good guys great!! Nicole’s ability to portray the good, bad & ugly so vividly…..just completely amazing! ~ Gretchen
  • Ethan's entire back story. WOW! What a dark life to have lived without your family knowing, especially in a tight knit group like The Walker's. ~ Jennifer
  • I was totally surprised and caught off guard when Zane called Ethan asking him where he was and why he wasn’t over at his parents with their dad. Curtis totally surprised me, but in a loving and humorous way. ~ Renee
  • Didn’t see the whole Travis/Curtis/Jail/ thing coming! (Trying not to spoil) But that was very surprising. ~ Gretchen
  • Two things ... Braydon breaking away from his brother and getting the girl and Sawyer finally breaking down Kennedy's walls. ~ Jennifer
  • Braydon getting his story and his chance to get “the girl” and to find his happily ever after. He has taken over the spot where Ethan was, and now I want to hear what Braydon has to say and how Brendon will react. ~ Renee 
  • Sawyer!!! Can’t wait for his story. I think his book is going to catch fire! I feel like Kennedy is a goodie-goodie sheriffs daughter but I think Sawyer will bring out her inner wild! Oh and really looking forward to Braydon & Jessie too! ~ Gretchen
  • Are you kidding me, what a ridiculous questions. HAHA Okay truthfully I create the post so it's my question but that's a resounding HELL YES I would and I recommend the entire series and all others that Nicole has written (ask Gretchen, it's true!!). ~ Jennifer
  • ABSOLUTELY… if I could post it on a Billboard I would informing everyone of the wonderful stories that Nicole provides us with, Ethan being one of my favorites. I can not say enough to other people about Nicole’s books and if you have read one, you know what I mean. ~ Renee
  • Really? Ummm….seeing that it was recommended to me (by the other 2 reviews on here), well not really recommended but I was told I was crazy if I didn’t love it! Well I’m not crazy because I totally LOVED it. So much that I read all 12 books in about 20 days!! One right after the other. So YES!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! ~ Gretchen
  • Curtis - "The only thing we've ever wanted for you is for you to be happy. That's all that matters." ... Ethan - "It won't be easy," ... Curtis - "Nothing that is worth it ever is. Doesn't mean it isn't worth fighting for." ~ Jennifer
  • Karma is a vindictive bitch. Jimmy will get his, and I assure you, it will not be from me. One day he will meet his match, and he won’t win. Until that day comes we have to stand up for what is right, protect those who need it and hiding who you are isn’t going to help. ~ Renee
  • ….Ethan looked up at his father and….smiled. “It’s good, Dad. Things are really good.” He waited to hear what Curtis would say, but he was pleasantly surprised to see that his father just smiled back at him. Was that it? The conversation he’d been avoiding for most of his life. “I’m proud of you, E,” Curtis spoke, his eyes darting behind Ethan into the kitchen. {where Beau is sitting} “The only thing we’ve ever wanted for you is for you to be happy. That’s all that matters.” ~ Gretchen
  • Well for me a good book is the one that gives you a hangover the next day.  You know the kind I'm talking about.  Well when I read Zane that happened and then I realized, crap this is the second in the series ... then I find out I'm even more wrong because Zane is one in a long chain of two series that interweave so beautifully they just create one long movie in your head.  When each book ends my heart aches.  Not because I didn't get enough story but because reading a Nicole Edwards book is an experience.  It's a trip down memory lane.  It's a visit with old friends and family you haven't seen in a while.  I think about the stories long after I read "The End" on the page.  I'll go days without being able to pick up another book.   In short Nicole, you're brilliant.  Each book is better than the last and you know how much I love Luke, Cole, Sierra and now baby Hannah, but Ethan now has a very special place in my heart as well.  You nailed it love!  Thank you again for further adding to the CD and AI universe and I can't wait to see where my old friends will go from here. ~ Jennifer
  • I have been a fan from the first chapter of Conviction. Anyone who knows me knows that I am all about Sam and Logan. When The Walker boys hit the scene I was like WOW! Ok I can get into this, and then came The Holidays with the Walkers and you had a part of my heart breaking Nicole, for Ethan. Well, finally Ethan gets to tell us his story and what a story it is. Nicole you have brought me to tears and back with laughter many a times. Thank you for that, and for being brave enough to write a story that not only shows that love really is love, but for being brave enough to also write about hate against others and the topic of gay marriage. Nicole over the last year you have reached and now hold a very special place in my heart. As always Thank You for sharing your amazing talent and allowing us to feel as if we are right there inside of your books and an actual part of the story. And yes, Ethan has become and will always be one if not my favorite book by you. Thank You <3 ~ Renee
  • I had to start another book by another author today. It’s a great book but I keep thinking about the Walker’s and what they might be doing. I’ve heard that whatever you are thinking when you first wake in the morning is what you dreamed about. There were several mornings I woke up thinking about Ethan, Beau and many of the people in these books. For me that’s how I truly know a book is really great…..when my sub-conscience is also thinking of it. I read a LOT of books. Like a crazy amount. Some have great stories but it’s hard to feel what’s going on. Some can just be confusing and it takes time to think about what exactly is going on. I swear Nicole Edwards you are so talented. It takes serious skills to transform the world in your head to paper in a way that makes it as if I’m watching the movie play out in your head. I was there when Ethan shared his past with Beau. I was there when they kissed for the first time. I was in the room when they made love and I was right there when all the Walker’s stood up for what they believed in. That’s what an amazing book will do. Put you inside of it….inside the author’s world. Nicole you now have a fan for life. Please, please keep `em coming!!! ~ Gretchen
**Oh btw ... it needs to be mentioned that Gretchen read her first Nicole Edwards book (Conviction) right before Christmas and read them all in less than a month to catch up for Ethan and I asked her to weigh in as the Nicole newbie so I hope you enjoy what she had to say as much as Renee and I loved experiencing Nicole's books through fresh eyes all over again!!**


  1. I have loved all of Nicole Edwards books but Ethan took it to another level. It had my emotions running all over the place and I loved the fact a author was brave enough to cover Bullying, Suicide, Depression in one book. My hands go up to you Nicole Edwards !!! You Rock

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself Jackie!! Thank you for posting!

  2. Ethan is my favorite of all the AI books. Nicole out did herself with this one. I felt so many different emotions reading this book. It opened my eyes to what so many people actually go through when bullied for just being who they really are. <3

    1. Couldn't agree more she is truly gifted and amazing!!!

  3. Ethan was such a touching story. I cried, laughed, and felt the love the two of them shared. Beau & Ethan are so good together. I don't know if I have ever been more moved by a book. Thank you Nicole Edwards all of your books are great but the Walker series are just perfect everyone so far I eagerly await the next.