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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway - Passion After Dark by J.A. Melville

Title:  Passion After Dark
Series:  Book 1 of The Passion Series
Author:  J.A. Melville
Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Publish Date:  November 30, 2013
Review Source:  Dreams Come True Promotions


When Dominick Cavallo first saw Allegra Anderson, he knew instantly that she was the one for him. Unfortunately Allegra Anderson, best selling author of erotica and self confessed clutz, didn't know he even existed. That is about to change. The night Allegra's house mate Cassie insists she come out clubbing with her is the night that fate intervenes.

From the moment Allegra sees Dominick, she's spellbound by his stunning good looks. His black hair, mesmerising blue eyes and the way he speaks to her has her captivated by him. 
The night they meet Dominick disappears and Allegra thinks she will never see him again, but a week later he appears to her when she least expects it and she learns something about him that could change the way she feels about him forever. He is not human, he is vampire.

Dominick is different to the other vampires. He has no desire to live their lifestyle but they are a part of his life and they are not the kind that Allegra wishes to associate with but with the stunningly handsome, but terrifying Fabian as Dominick's sire and him also wanting Allegra for himself, can their relationship survive?

Will they end up driving them apart? Will Allegra be able to come to terms with what Dominick is and when something unexpected happens, that will change who she is forever, can their love survive? 
With Allegra's discovery of her newly acquired 'abilities', will she survive those who are threatened by what she has become?

Dominick simply wants the woman he loves by his side for eternity but they have so much against them and with his sire determined to claim Allegra for himself, will it be enough to destroy their relationship?

Dominick & Allegra….oh my! Hot! Hot! Hot! I thought it was gonna give all new meaning to my Kindle FIRE!!! 

Allegra is a writer. She’s living a small but happy life with her best friend Cassie. Being a writer, Allegra keeps to herself but Cassie see's it as her best friend duty to make sure she goes out and has a good time at least every once in a while. One night the two of them go out and it will forever change Allegra’s life.

Dominick is vampire. He’s vampire trying to live as close to a normal human existence as possible. His sire, Fabian, doesn’t like this. When becoming vampire you loose your human emotions and move more into a basic animal needs type of person. This isn’t acceptable to Dominick and it makes things difficult with his sire and brothers & sister. They don’t understand……

Allegra will understand. From the moment he sees her he knows she is the one that is to be his forever. She knows it too….she can feel him, sense him and she knows when he’s around watching her. He can’t stay away from her and quickly takes her to be his. She is powerless to fight it because she has a strange feeling that she’s supposed to be with him. She can’t reason with why but she just knows this man is the one for her.
Allegra slipped to the floor, moving between Dominick’s legs, her hands cupping his face. “Listen to me and get it through that gorgeous head of yours, I love you, only you. I will love you for all eternity. I will love you no matter where we live. I only want you. I only need you. You are all I care about so please, stop questioning whether I will be happy baby. I will always be happy as long as I’m with you.” She leaned forward to kiss him and Dominick felt desire flare between them.
This review is really hard to write. I feel like I can only talk about the first quarter of the book because I really don’t want to give away any spoilers. So much connects and happens and it’s completely amazing. If you enjoy reading anything paranormal you need this book!!!! It’s so amazing. The only thing wrong with it is what I now call The Bastard….Fabian!! He’s awful, controlling, cocky and just plain mean. But doesn’t every vampire story need someone to hate?!?!? The thing that’s really gonna be interesting is how they sorta cheat him in the end and the fact that his book is next!! I can’t help but wonder if a woman would soften his Bastard’ness?? (yes I know - that’s not a word! LOL)

The romance between Dominick & Allegra is so amazing and such a true love story. I highly recommend this book! You won’t be sorry!!! 

For as long as I can remember, I've loved to write, poetry, short stories just about anything. My English teachers in school kept telling me I should write and it took me a lot of years to finally get around to it.

I spent too long worrying about failing as a writer before I realised that living with the regret of never trying was worse.

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and our 
three children, who aren't so little anymore, plus a whole assortment of animals.

My interests are writing of course, reading, watching movies and hanging out at home with my family, our six cats and one dog.


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