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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway - Forever and Almost Always

Title:  Forever and Almost Always
Author:  Amanda Bennett
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  January 11, 2014
Review Source:  Enticing Journey

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What do you do when the one person you have always wanted, you can almost never have?

We found each other by chance and it was perfect, easy and everything I could have asked for. Our love was one f
or the books. When he moved next door, my entire world flipped upside down and inside out, but it was the best feeling I had ever experienced. Until the time came to choose between him and my family. I was young and in love, but in the end, I chose my family. I’ve regretted that decision since the day I made it. Now fate has given me a second chance with the one person I knew I was always supposed to be with. But this time so much more was standing in our way.

Can I choose him over the life I’ve come to know?

Will he be able to forgive me and give us a second chance?

Is true love really enough to conquer everything standing in our way?

Sometimes the hardest decisions in life, are the most liberating, I just hope that this time I made the right one.

WOW! What an emotional ride this book was! Dax & Charlee are an amazing couple. Amazing in that they love each other, that they are soul mates and two of the most stubborn people ever.

Charlee is 20 and living with her mom. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life and she’s just been laid off the job she had for four years. She’s taking time over the summer to chill & hang by the pool with her best friend, Taylor.

Dax is moving into his friends Aunt’s house for a while.  The house right next to the most beautiful women he’s ever seen. Charlee.  He is the reason clique’s like “love at first sight” exist. However, it’s the same for Charlee. They are so completely sweet in the beginning silently stalking each other. That time when you are first head over heals for the other person but too nervous to share those feelings. You flirt and do stupid stunts just to see the each other.

However, it doesn’t take long for them to find each other – and boy do they ever! Once they do, there isn’t any going back. They are so amazing together. Their story of falling in love and wanting to spend every minute with each other is…..completely amazing.

Excerpt – Dax:

With every touch, every movement of my body against hers, the closer I came to falling even more in love with this girl than I ever thought possible. I opened my eyes and caught her beautiful face in my line of sight. Her mouth was barely open and I could hear her breathing become more labored. My lips yearned for hers, so I leaned forward and gently pressed mine against hers. She let out a small moan, urging me to keep moving. My wet lips made there way across her jaw and down her neck before making their way back up to her ear. I placed a small kiss right below her earlobe, and then placed my lips right by her ear, so only she could hear me. “I love you, Charlee.” With one last hard thrust, her and I came undone together. As one we fell, leaving every inhibition behind. We didn’t care what tomorrow would bring us, and in that moment, all I cared about was loving her.

I mean really? How amazing is that writing? Amanda Bennett has a way with writing romance that brings your emotions full circle. I was laughing, I was yelling at them for being ridiculous and I was crying with them too.

As most stories tend to do, real and in books, real life creeps in and makes things complicated. When they first meet at 20 and 19 years old they are too young to understand true love and soul mates. They felt the emotions and knew it was different than any other relationship but giving up everything when you’re that young is extremely hard.  Time goes by and you mature and you realize your mistakes. Mistakes that have hard consequences. These two have a lot to figure out and they make a lot of mistakes. Will they finally get their happily ever after?

I LOVED this book. It was a quick read for me, less than 2 days, but that may have been that it was extremely hard to put it down.  Amanda Bennett has put together an amazing story with very deep and complicated characters. I know this one just released but I would love to hear Taylor & Trevor’s story?!?! Especially giving how this one ends……would be amazing to continue. However, I just want more of Dax & Charlee anyway I can get them. The end is amazing and there is an epilogue (yeah!) and there is complete closure, but it could continue. Either way……definitely highly recommend this book!!! Go get it right now!!!

Amanda currently lives in Utah with her many men (her husband, two little boys, and two dogs). She is an avid San Francisco 49ers and Dexter fan. In high school she developed a love for writing and storytelling, and in the past couple years has made it her passion as she just released her ninth book.


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