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Blog Tour + Review + Giveaway - Breaking Bedrock (& Bedrock)

Title:  Bedrock & Breaking Bedrock
Series:  The Bedrock Series
Author:  Britney King
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  December 9, 2014
Review Source:  Swoon Worthy

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As a married mother of three, Addison Greyer has always been known for doing the right thing. Hoping to keep it that way, she fought like hell to avoid falling for the mysterious, highly successful, albeit broken man whom the world knows as William Hartman. But what Addison didn't understand was that you can't help who you fall in love with and that it almost never happens the way you think it should.

Unfortunately for Addison, William Hartman and her desire for him continue to occupy her mind every single waking moment of the day. There's something undeniable in the way he makes her feel. From the way he looks at her to the way he so eloquently professes his love and longing via written letters, it suddenly becomes pretty clear that some rules were made to be broken.

With the two of them separated by a trial, public opinion, and a marriage that seems to be unraveling by the hour, Addison tries to keep it all together as life as she knows it is falling apart. However, as the pressure mounts, Addison soon realizes the price she'll pay to keep everyone else happy.

In this highly anticipated sequel to Bedrock, Addison and William rekindle their torrid, sensual affair through a series of love letters. What remains to be seen is whether their love and desire for one another can sustain them as they attempt to overcome the realities of their broken pasts and build a future together.

Below review is for both Bedrock & Breaking Bedrock.


Holy Shit!!!! This book is so amazing!!!! Starting at the beginning with Bedrock it’s got love, mystery, sex, action packed! and just…...feelings. It’s feeling lonely & lost. Feeling lust & passion. Feeling sad & defeated. Aah-Mazing!

Bedrock opens in a horrible scene where Addison is fighting for her life. We quickly go back in time to her college days and we meet her BFF, Jess and get introduced to her would-be husband, Patrick. She is also trying to overcome her childhood. Addison’s parents died in a car accident and she was delivered right before her mom died. Her grandparents raised her and they really didn’t want to be bothered. Neglect is the main description of her childhood. 

She meets Patrick and without much thought they both just sorta become boyfriend/girlfriend without any verbal commitment. It’s just assumed. That is until she goes to his parents for a week. They (his mom) hates her. Addison isn’t good enough for her son and makes it known to everyone and pushes Addison so that she leaves early. It didn’t work, Patrick loves Addison and he marries her, giving Addison her fairytale wedding. Everything is going great until their first child, Conner, is born and the care for him and working overwhlems Addison. She’s exhausted, her husband wants her to quit which Addison definately doesn’t want to do, her now mother-in-law constantly makes her feel that she’s not a good enough wife or mother and she feels like a failure. Ultimately, Patrick wins and she quits. As Conner gets older he becomes easier and she begins thinking of going back to work. Then baby number 2 comes along in a BIG surprise. Addison thinks it’s going to be the same and her dream of going back to work crumbles. 

Finally, the kids are old enough to be managed and allow Addison to work. She has a job interview that she doesn’t tell Patrick about. No sense it rocking the boat till she knows for sure. She’s in the elevator with another man, William Hartman, amazing looking, beautiful even, on her way to her interview and the elevator breaks down. Addison is drawn to this man like nothing she’s ever experienced before. This is the best example of “Love at First Sight” that I’ve ever encountered. Addison makes a mistake and this mistake will be the turning point in her life. However, Patrick is also fixing to make a mistake, he’s been offered a position in China for a year. He’s basically made his mind up to take it and is informing Addison of it when she blurts out her new job news. Neither news is taken well. This day - an interview and an elevator, a new job and another country, will seemingly change the course of their entire lives.

Meanwhile, William can’t get Addison out of his mind. She doesn’t know exactly who he is, CEO mega-millionaire, and he has a feeling that even if she did she wouldn’t act any differently towards him. William has a terrible childhood too and in many ways they have lived similar lives. They both have no idea what love is, to feel it or receive it. Having been abused mentally & physically his entire childhood…..well let’s just say he has his own issues too.

Addison, being faced with her husband leaving for a year, taking on the role of single mother and starting a new job, can’t get William out of her mind. He’s sent flowers, txt, calls, and emails. He’s tried to get hold of her any way he can but she can’t go there. She just can’t. William is someone that would consume her and she knows she would be in real trouble and risk falling for him if given half a chance.

They spend a weekend on a semi-vacay (William is technically there for business) and they fall in love. Major deep down, soul shattering, I really can’t live without you love. 

Just then, Addie looked up, caught his eye, and winked at him. He smiled unable to take his eyes off of her, unable to focus on anything but how beautiful she was. And for the first time in his life, William Hartman understood what it felt like to be in love.
She also meets Scott Hammons that weekend and that too will completely, not only change her life again, but may also lead to her death. Scott has built a company, created a family with his wife, has friends and business associates that respect him and William Hartman is taking it all away. Well, at least that how Scott see's it. He’s a mad-man! No question…..he’s got serious issues!

Book one ends with Addison back with her husband pretty much pretending and her heart broken because she’s not with William. 

Breaking Bedrock:

It is my belief that love is mostly about showing up. It’s about showing up in the good times and especially in the bad. It’s about being there, showing up, and continuing to show up. If you can do these things day in and day out, no matter what life brings you, you’ll find that love is there for the taking. In time you might come to find that while it’s not in the form you may have imagined - or necessarily the way that you thought it would be - it’s there nonetheless. This is the story of one such love and how it came to be everything unimaginable and yet so much more than one could have hoped for.
Addison is falling apart. She’s pretending everything is ok and her heart is broken and is currently being stomped on. She doesn’t seem to be able to figure out how to make things work and no one get hurt. She can’t stop thinking about William. They’ve had no contact and it’s killing her slowly. Finally, she finds a way to send him a letter via carrier. Basically stating that she can’t keep going on like this and she has to figure out things without him. She also decides to go back to work.

After the note William received he realized she was slipping through his hands. So, he shows up at her office. He needs to talk to her, find out what her true feelings are. There are so many things going on with their lives and so many factors that each decision, even one like seeing each other, has monumental consequences. The way their lives seem to entwine but also prevent them from being together is……well it’s unfair. 

William feels he’s at fault for everything that’s going on and only wants to protect Addison and keep her safe. The guilt he feels for putting her in this position is seriously affecting him. Addison feels guilty for cheating and putting her family at risk. Will they be able to overcome unsurmountable obstacles to be together? They will have to let go of the past, forgive each other, stop feeling guilty and be brave enough to try. 

This Bedrock Series is so amazing. It’s Britney King’s first book and she has hit it out of the park!!! I can’t tell you how much I love this story. Well it was mostly love/hate. Love Addison then hate her then love her again……Love William then Hate him and of course love him again! LOL Cheer for Patrick…..then wish him to choke on some rice in China! LOL (not really!) The writing……goodness……I would have never thought this was and Author’s first foray into into Adult Romance. The writing….OMG! Again…..Wonderful!!

Please note: there is a HUGE part of this story I intentionally left out of this review. Actually, there’s TWO parts but I found it hard to add without it being a major spoiler.

PLEASE READ this series!!!! It’s so amazing!!!! You won’t be sorry I promise! Britney King…..come up with another story…..I’m a serious fan and can’t wait for your next series!!

For those of you who prefer it straight up, no chaser: Mama to five. Lover of Life. Writer. Juggler extraordinaire. That just about covers it…

The extended version and in third person no less: Britney is married to a man she adores (when he isn’t driving her crazy) and is the mother of FIVE amazing kids, who (surprise!) also have a habit of driving her crazy, her best guess is that it’s genetic. In addition, she founded a local network for women in 2012, which has grown to almost 800 members. Currently, she occupies a job she loves-serving and running Austin Women’s Network. To further prove that she may in fact be certifiably insane, she decided to publish her debut novel entitled, Bedrock in May of 2013. Then and only then, could she consider her training to be an expert (life) juggler complete.

In her free time, you might find Britney running, reading, or spending time utilizing the wonderful venues that make her city great.


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