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Blog Tour + Giveaway + Trailer: It Was Always Her Choice by Susanne Lovely

The choices Shania made always had consequences. She saved herself for a man who didn’t know how to love her. She ran to escape, all the way to the Greek Isle of Kallos, where she found herself facing a new job, a gorgeous Greek Adonis, and a ruthless, yet anonymous stalker who was out to do her harm.
The choices she continues to make lead her farther into the clutches of darkness while the choice she left behind won’t let go of her heart and mind. When David, the man she has loved forever meets Stephan, the man who was falling in love with her, sparks fly, secrets are spilled, and decisions have to be made. No matter what, she knows that it is always her choice.
For 18+ readers. Contains elements of D/s play, bdsm, rough sex, and sexually suggestive language.
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It Was 

Always Her Choice Cover
When Susanne came to me and mentioned she was going to be writing her first novel I was so excited for her.  Naturally, Ena and I immediately agreed to host her tour for her debut novel, It Was Always Her Choice.  I am so glad I read this one personally.

Shania Ridgeway has been in love with David McCullen since she opened her eyes as a newborn baby.  The Ridgeways adopted David into their family as a young boy when his parents died.  As soon as Shania wrapped her tiny little finger around David's, he knew they would forever be connected.  At 14 years old, Shania feels she's finally ready to express how she feels to the now 21 year old David, home from college for her birthday party.  She kisses him full on the mouth and David realizes that he needs to put as much space between Shania and his world as he can.

David is a Dominant.  He only partakes in Dom/sub relationships and relationships is putting it loosely.  He doesn't do anything long term, it's more of, we're here to enjoy one another for the night then let's not speak again until the urge hits.  He's even shared his subs with other Doms in the past.  But when a soon to be 21 year old Shania shows up at the airport the day before her birthday, David feels that old familiar pull toward the little girl who has had his heart since she was born, but Shania is no longer that little girl, she's a full blown hottie with curves in all the right places.  She's definitely someone David wouldn't mind sharing his darker fantasies with but he doesn't think she'll be willing to go through with anything more than a vanilla relationship

Shania is committed to losing her virginity to David.  She's saved herself for this day.  She's purchased the perfect outfit for their date and planned everything out to be perfect.  What she didn't plan on was learning the reasons David has kept her at arms length all these years.  He's now 30 years old and set in his ways.  He'd never be able to handle a vanilla relationship.  So, Shania commits to trying things his way.  She'll try the sub thing for him because she loves him and that's what you do when you love someone right?  Well it turns out, she couldn't be more wrong.  David handles her badly, so badly I was cringing and screaming at him in fact.  I hated this poor bastard for the better part of the book.

Shania loses it, she grows a pair and I was damn proud of Susanne for writing in a strong character instead of one that I thought would just break and do whatever this man wanted of her.  She commits to going off to Greece with her brothers permission and they hash out a plan for Shania to learn the family ship building business.  But when she gets to Greece her life is in danger.  Security firm by day but sex club owners by night, Marcos and Stravos take on Shania's 24/7 security detail.  She even learns that with a little pain you can find pleasure in the BDSM community.  David just introduced it to her all wrong.

The suspense of finding out who has been targeting Shania and why is compelling and keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I would have loved to have seen a lot more BDSM but that's just me, that's just something I'm very much into these days.  Overall for a debut novel, the character development was extremely well done and I am so honored to have been asked by my friend to read her novel.  I hope I've done it justice and not given too much away.  You'll just have to read the story to see who Shania ends up with in the end and what she figures out is best for her.

Book Trailer

He slid his wet lips to the inside of her knees, kissing and sucking. She arched her back, feeling hot and flustered. She wanted... She wanted...
“Oh David,” she moaned. “Please, please.”
“What do you want Shania?” he asked. His lips moved higher, kissing her right butt cheek, then her left. Then she felt a sharp pain. She tensed, bowing off the bed, tension filling her muscles. He bit her ass and bit her again, right where he had kissed. He gently licked the spots, soothing the pain. “Remember what I told you, Shania?” he asked. “A little pain and a lot of pleasure—hand in hand they go.”
Shania was beyond thinking or remembering. She could only feel. When she felt his tongue on her pussy, she stiffened. He licked from back to front.
“You should taste how sweet you are Shania,” he murmured as he gently sucked her clit into his mouth. Slowly he worked her peak with his tongue, increasing the suction as he slid a finger into her opening.
“Oh my God, David…Oh! Oh! I don’t know …David I want…”
“Let go Shania,” David said softly as he inserted a second finger into her hot little sheath. He began to scissor his fingers then curled and touched a spot she did not even know existed. Shania exploded!” Lights flashed and stars appeared. She shattered into a million pieces and fell forward on the bed oblivious to anything around her.
Meet the Author
Susanne Lovely was reared in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. Daughter and granddaughter of coal miners, she grew up among people who knew the value of hard work and family. Susanne’s family was rich in tradition and heritage based in Appalachian lore and history.
Susanne’s experiences in education led to a lifetime love of learning. She spent over 30 years as an educator. After retiring she found her niche in a group of other readers who inspired her to put pen to paper and try her hand at publishing. Her early interest in reading combined with a rich heritage of storytelling has led her to publish her first book, It Was Always Her Choice.
Susanne said, “I never expected to be a writer although I have concocted stories all of my life. My head has always been full of characters and scenarios. I just didn’t have the courage to let them out.”
Mother, wife, lover, daughter, granddaughter, educator, columnist and friend; all of these words define Susanne Lovely. She now adds author to that list. She says, “My life has always been full of choices which as a woman, I was empowered to decide.” It Was Always Her Choice is set to publish on December 15, 2013.
Character Bios
Shania was a Kentucky girl, raised in horse country, with racing in her blood and spirit in her soul. She set her sights on David at an early age, and had never wavered. He was her destiny... at least she thought so.
David was a blend. Born in Texas, his roots were there no matter where he went. It was his solace, his place of restoration and peace. Kentucky was his second home though. He had spent more years in Versailles, KY than anywhere else in the world. He launched his business in Louisville, KY, and it was where he returned home to the people who loved him. He had always known the Ridgeways loved him, but passion was a whole different kind of emotion for him. He didn't know how to love like that. He had truly never belonged to anyone. He wasn't sure if he was capable of loving her. Stephan was a Greek. He spent his whole life in that small, yet powerful part of the world. He wanted Shania from the time he first saw her, but his job was to protect her and guide her. How could he make the transition from employee to lover?  
Antonio was a loyal company executive... or so Jack thought. He was Greek, but had spent most of his live traveling the world at the helm of the ship building division of Ridgeway, Inc. He owed the Ridgeway family a lot, and he always paid his debts.  
Jack was a Kentucky boy, Shania's brother, and David's best friend. He had been raised side by side with David, who, although never formally adopted by the Ridgeways, had been like a brother to him. He headed up the family empire now that his father had retired. He and his wife, Josslyn, lived in Louisville.
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