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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Moonshine by Regina Bartley

Title: Moonshine
Author: Regina Bartley 
Genre: New Adult
Review Source: ARC

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Innocence taken...
A tragedy happened...
A heart is left broken...
Is love enough to survive?

Shine Craven has to learn this the hard way. One tragic day leaves her questioning her strength and her sanity. She is left fighting an internal battle that she believes can't be won.

Her best friend thinks that he loves her enough to save her, but sometimes sweet words just aren't enough. Once he hears her secret, will he still believe that love will heal her or will the truth be too much for him to handle?

Sometimes when we are faced with such horrible events we force ourselves to overcome, but at what cost? Will he stay or will he go? Find out if love is enough


Sometimes you get a hold of a book that reaches inside of you and pulls your heart out and rips into shreds.  This book without a doubt is five stars.  Regina Bartley manages to have you in tears with in the first chapter of this book and it continues that way through the entire story.  I started this story at about 10pm and I did not stop until I had finished it at 3:45 the next morning.  I could not put it down.

Shine is one of your typical high school seniors, living a normal life with her best friend Ryker aka Moon.  The have been best friends since they were in elementary school and are always together.  One afternoon after cheerleading practice a horrible and unimaginable event happens and changes the course of Shine's life to the point that it tears her apart at the seems.  She pulls away from everyone including the one person who loves her more than himself, Moon. As the darkness continues to pull Shine under, she finds herself in such a state of depression that she can't see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  You continue on the journey with Shine to see what happens and how she deals with her own personal tragedy.

This is a story that if you have every suffered or known someone who has suffered from depression for any reason what so ever you will relate to.  It will make you stop and think about the heart ache she suffers and what she does to become a survivor.  I can not fathom how someone can abuse any child or young person and this book takes you through the emotions that they fight.  It is a story that will have you telling you loved ones how much you love them and that tomorrow is never to close.  Live you life to the fullest today because in a heartbeat it can be flipped upside down.  This is a book that will stick with you for awhile after reading it and it is amazing for sure.


Regina lives in Kentucky and is currently releasing her third book. Her books include Chased and Challenged, both of The Graysen Pack Series, as well as her newest book Moonshine. Her true love is writing paranormal, but writing Moonshine made her discover a hidden love for Adult Contemporary Romance. She says that you can expect her to write a little in both worlds.

She is married with two kids and when she is not writing she is reading and reading and reading. She loves her cat Jacob, who was named after her favorite werewolf. Go figure... If you put her in front of the T.V. she would most likely watch sports, unless The Vampire Diaries is on. Her favorite things are her family, books, football, chocolate, Bruno Mars, and well Bruno Mars, enough said. She loves to keep up with her fans and you can find her several places.


I was lost in thought when my phone started to vibrate. You could hear the loud vibrations as it rattled in my hand. "Crap," I nearly jumped out of my skin. It was a text from Moon. I don't know if I opened it because it was just habit, or if it was because I wanted to see what he had to say. Either way, I may regret the decision.

Moon-Do you remember that day we met as kids? I have been thinking about it all day. That was the day that I met my best friend. Tell me you are still my best friend. I miss you and I don't understand what I did. I lost my dad and my best girl all in one day. I am such a damn mess, Shine! I need you and I know that you need me. Please! If I were there I would kiss you like I always do and tell you it will be okay!
I read the message twice before another one followed quickly behind it.

Moon- I gotta go help momma now, but I am not giving up on you. Know that when I look at the stars tonight I will think of you. You have to come back to me Shine. I need you.

The tears flowed freely from my eyes. I swear, that damn boy. Geez, I love him so much that it hurts.


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