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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Holding Out by Lila Rose

Title:  Holding Out
Series:  A Hawks Motorcycle Club Book
Author: Lila Rose
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  December 5, 2013
Review Source: Enticing Journey

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Zara Edgingway is a twenty-six-year-old secretary. She has a daughter that apparently knows-it-all and a best friend that could possibly have the mouth of Satan, but she's been with her through hell and back. Then there's the hunk'a'licious biker neighbour finally showing interest in her.

If only she isn't about to face her next obstacle in life, the one she ran from six years ago: her ex husband.

Talon Marcus is the president of the Hawks Motorcycle Club. For two years he's had his eye on the quiet, reclusive, yet sassy, neighbour Zara. Finally, he has the chance to claim her as his woman. Just when her past catches up with her, she'll need, not only his protection, but the help from his biker brothers.
Now, if only she'd stop fighting him along the way.


Chapter 1 – Awesome!
Chapter 3 – Awesome!
Chapter 9 -  Hot! Hot! SMOKIN HOT!!!!!!
I really enjoyed the hell out of this book!

Zara, along with her six-year-old daughter Maya, ran from her husband David who abused her repeatedly and raped her which led to the conception of Maya. The pregnancy wasn’t known when she called her best friend Deanna to come get her and help her disappear. She has been doing well for the past couple years with job, house and taking care of Maya. She didn’t know how much her new house was going to change her life when she bought it. Her neighbor, Talon, was going to become extremely important to her and everyone she loves.

Talon is the president of Hawks Motorcycle club and their “compound” just happens to be next door to Zara. Their first introduction is not the best of circumstances. I’ll just say loud music, pink nightie and combat boots and make you read the book for the actual story! It’s pretty funny!

Talon is a big badass CONTROL freak, HOT as hell biker who has been watching Zara for the past two years. He’s also a little bit of a chicken-it did take him two years. Finally, he makes his move and boy does he make it. He claims her and there’s no going back from it. She’s his and he lets everyone know it. But she eventually claims him right back threatening to tattoo his forehead to keep the women off him.

Zara’s brother finally finds her bringing a whole host of bad news with him.  He’s never met his niece and hasn’t seen his sister in over six years. The fact that he found her freaks her out because she thinks her X, David, can now find her and she’s scared. Thank goodness she has a ton of bad biker dudes willing to protect her. Will it be enough? Can Talon protect her and keep her safe? More importantly, will she let him?

I very much enjoyed this book for several reasons. It’s not so clichéd; meaning the things that happen and the responses are what you would expect. It’s FUNNY! Like really burst out laughing funny! Not just the main characters but most of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter back and forth even when not as much was happening – it was still really great! All books have some filler things in them that lead to something big but in Holding Out it’s not noticeable and that’s completely due to the funny and witty writing Lila Rose put into the conversations. Deanna is Zara’s BFF and well I’ll just tell you her nickname is Hell Mouth! Boy does it fit. She’s hilarious! I also really LOVED that they didn’t get together, break up, cry and suffer and ultimately get back together. It’s a great, refreshing, story and very entertaining! Oh….did I mention HOT!!!!!!! Good gosh…..HOT HOT HOT!

I can’t wait for the 2nd book, which is Deanna and Griz’s story. It’s gonna be really good I just know!!!


Lila is a mother of two monsters and is married to one large one. She lives in country Australia and has a wacky sense of humor.


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