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Review: Your Exception by Bria Starr

Title:  Your Exception
Author:  Bria Starr
Genre:  Adult Romance
Publish Date:  December, 2013
Review Source:  Brandee’s Book Endings

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Logan Kalford was Wren Summers’ dream come true.

All I’d ever wanted was to fall in love and be loved in return.
Logan stole my heart when I least expected it. He was sexy, adventurous, and the way he played guitar left me weak in the knees. He made me happy. He made me think I’d found the one.
And he made me believe in happy endings.
I knew he was my forever. I thought he knew it too.
I was wrong.
He destroyed everything I thought we had and shattered my dreams of us. He left me heartbroken. He made me doubt myself.
And he didn’t even seem to care…
Now I must let go. But how can I when he still consumes me?
How do you walk away from what you know was real?


Wrenn has left her x-boyfriend, Alec, behind. He cheated on her with a good friend of hers and she moved to a different city and has started over. She’s moving into a house with her BFF Cassidy and they both work together at the local bar. Cassidy full time and Wrenn part time since she works full time running her father’s garage with Zachary.

Zachary is like a brother to her but not sure his feelings for her are exactly brother like. She meets Logan one night while working at the bar and their chemistry is amazing. However, he just left a relationship and isn’t looking for another one. She knows this and keeps him at arms length. But how long can she fight the attraction she has for him? She meets Aaron at the carnival thinking he’s just another guy wondering around. Turns out he’s part of the band they came there to see.

This story is wonderful - different as there’s not one right guy and one right situation. Riley has several guys that attract her attention. Will she choose the brother-like safe choice? The bad boy in Logan that she is completely attracted to or will she give Aaron a chance?

One top of all the relationship issues between these guys Alec isn’t quite done with Wrenn. He’s found her and found where she lives. She’s nervous and a bit scared about lengths he will go to get her back. She’s called the police but without real evidence they can’t really do anything. Thank goodness Wrenn’s brothers taught her how to shoot and she has a small gun she keeps with her whenever possible. Will Alec make the ultimate mistake and do something to Wrenn that can’t be changed?

I really enjoyed this book. In one word it’s interesting. It kept my attention with the bit of drama and the mystery in her x, Alec. It’s not about sex (although there is some of that) it’s mainly about relationships. Letting go of the past and trusting the future. There is an epilogue and I have to say – it was my favorite part of the book. After reading how Wrenn and Cassidy find their men, I needed the closure of the epilogue. Your Exception is a truly great book and I highly recommend!!


Bria Starr grew up in a small town in Minnesota and continues to live there with her husband and beautiful baby girl. She’s a stay at home mom who is very close with her family, loves junk food, and is always cold. Her favorite things include reading books, writing, listening to music, and watching too many movies.


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