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Review: The Only One by Magan Vernon

Title: The Only One
Author: Magan Vernon
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publish Date: October 7, 2013
Review Source: ARC provided by Author for Review

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Honor student, manager at the campus coffee shop, owner of an impressive sweater collection - Melanie Wilder has it all together. Then John "John Boy" Walden strolls into her life wearing nothing more than an impish grin and all-too-revealing loin cloth.
Soon, make-out sessions replace homework, lust triumphs over work. And to further crumble her perfect world, an unexpected phone call threatens to take away everything she's worked for.

Now, as Melanie struggles to pick up the pieces, she realizes that John may be the only one to put her life back together...unless he shatters it first.

**This is not a sequel to The Only Exception. It's a companion novel with two characters from the first book. Nothing from The Only Exception would diminish your understanding of this book.**


A friend asked if I was interested in reading The Only One by one of her best friends.  I of course was on board after reading the synopsis.  It's right up our ally here at the blog. Hot frat guy, loin cloth, girl who falls in love but doesn't think she is good enough for the college playboy, what's not to love right?!

John Boy (John Waldon) as his frat brothers at Alpha Mu call him, dons a loin cloth for a Halloween costume party.  Melanie Wilder dons her usual Hermione costume, so what if she's a huge out and proud Potter fan?!  Melanie runs into John Boy, he's definitely interested but of course she thinks its just another frat boy looking for a quick lay which she has no interest in being, no matter how delectable he looks in that covering almost nothing loin cloth.

In spite of Melanie's better judgement and her carefully set up defenses, she ends up falling for John.  Unfortunately after a quick visit to the Student Health Services center to pick up condoms and get on the pill to make sure she takes all necessary steps in order to further her relationship with John.  An abnormal pap comes back and Melanie gets the news that no nineteen year old girl wants to get.  

John, ever the doting boyfriend, if that's even what they are since they never got the chance to label their relationship, dotes on Melanie constantly.  He takes care of her.  Even her mother and sister see the love that's obvious when he looks at her.  But Melanie believes herself to be the pity case.  She doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for her.  She wants someone who wants to be with her for who she is not what has happened to her and of course never out and out has the discussion with John about what she's feeling, until one really drunken night.  Can the truth that comes out of her mouth like "word vomit" scare John away for good or is his love for her strong enough to bring him back to her and pick up where they left off?

The heat is delicious.  Their relationship is adorable and real.  The love these two have for one another is real, who knows what they are feeling at their age and what will it do to you when you finally reveal those feelings?!  I've been there.  This story appealed on so many levels.  The character development was very well done and Magan's writing is incredible.  I can't wait to read more New Adult novels by Magan Vernon.  Look for more from this talented author soon!


Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. She is in a very serious, fake relationship with Adam Lambert and constantly asks her husband to wear guyliner. He still refuses. She also believes her husband is secretly an alien, disguised as a southern gentleman.

Her first book was independently published through an author cooperative in 2011; a YA Science Fiction book called How to Date an Alien that has consistently ranked int he top 100 in Amazon for Teen Science Fiction and Romance. Her first New Adult book, My Paper Heart, was published in 2012 and shot up the top of the Amazon best seller charts and surpassed expectations from all the people in 2009 that told her "A college aged character won't sell." Her next release is titled The Only Exception, coming in April of 2013. It's political, New Adult, and everything that makes a girl swoon.

Random Facts about Magan that you may or may not care to know:

1.) Winnebago, IL is a real town and it's where she grew up. She may not be able to do Math very well, but she can tell you how to tip a cow.

2.) She is actually deathly afraid of aliens. Not the hot aliens, like Ace, but the creepy ones from War of The Worlds or Alien. They still give her nightmares.

3.) She has a rescued American Staffordshire Terrier named Pittsnogle (nickname Snogs) that her and her husband rescued five years ago. She has the worst smelling farts in the world.

4.) She hates pickles with a passion and will not even touch them on her plate, but spears them with a fork until they are dead and then hands them to her husband.

5.) T-Rex is her husband and they have been married since 2010. He really is secretly an alien.

6.) In middle school, she got in trouble for passing around a VC Andrews book in her science class and sharing the sex scenes.

7.) She wears a size 12 shoe.

8.) She was in a sorority in college and owns way more headbands than any girl ever should that now still sit in her closet as a symbol of her "glory days."

9.) She's never been to Disney World.

10.) She still wont give up on her fake relationship with Adam Lambert. She is very aware that he prefers the company of men, but believes she still has a chance.


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