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Blog Tour + Giveaway: The Truth About Us by TJ Hannah

Title:  The Truth About Us
Author:  TJ Hannah
Genre:  New Adult Romance
Publish Date:  November 18, 2013
Review Source: Enticing Journey

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Twenty-one-year-old Sophia Ross has lived under the pressure of her parents expectations since the tragic accident that shattered their once perfect family. Determined to start over where no one knows her, she answers a housing ad on Craigslist and takes a job at a little bar in a town she has never heard of. All Sophia's looking for is a place to escape, somewhere she can hide behind her lies and keep herself distracted. 

She just didn’t expect to be distracted by Corbin Kasey.
Twenty-five-year-old Corbin Kasey is stuck in his hometown, his job, and his life, spending more time covering for his Dad’s problems than trying to fix his own. To take his mind off everything he has the wild Kayla, his stable roommates, and the calmness of swimming in Mills Lake. He always thought it was enough to keep him from drowning in himself, until he meets Sophia.
Neither of them are prepared for their lies to be stripped away by a single kiss. But for Corbin and Sophia, the truth has consequences.


“Those women, they have more power than any man I ever knew, I tell ya. Once you set eyes on the right one, you might as well be dead because your heart no longer beats for you, your world no longer spins on its’ own, your soul is wrapped up in that single gaze and handed over freely. Everything you do from that day forward, whether ya like it or not, will be for her; and her only. That’s what I call true power.” 

WOW! Such an amazing debut novel! The Truth About Us is on the surface about Secrets. However, it’s not just about secrets. It’s about unbelievable loss and unimaginable pain. It’s about how hard it is to be parents and the hardship of being children. It’s about life and loving your family, which might not be just blood relatives.

Sophia has amazing parents. A lawyer and a doctor who love her. Too bad the tragedy that has happened to this family seemingly only changes Sophia. She has secrets buried so deeply she can’t even let herself think of them and she pushes them deeper inside herself. Her parents have a plan for her: LSAT, college, lawyer. No discussion, however, she’s never actually told them this isn’t the life she wants. It gets buried too. It all just crumbles around her and she runs. She runs to Mills Lake where her future awaits her. Can she be brave enough to let all her secrets go?

Corbin has lived in Mills Lake his entire life. His family is severely broken and it seems he’s the only one keeping all the fires just barely contained and not touching each other. He has a job, he takes care of his father’s bar since he’s too drunk to do it, he puts a roof over his father’s head and his friends, he employs people at the bar, he’s a friend, a brother, a son and an uncle. Keeping all this going and not allowing it to collapse on top of him has been slowly draining him. Will his secrets make his family fall apart even more? When Sophia enters his life, can he love her enough to set both their secrets free?

Sophia and Corbin = LOVE, pretty much at first sight. They both have so many secrets that they keep from themselves and everyone else.  But for some reason they can’t keep them from each other. They are each other’s balancing half. If one is broken the other fixes, they are literally like two souls made for each other. Just touching is like a calming balm for their souls.

The secrets these people have keep this book moving and extremely interesting……and hard to put down. I really enjoyed TJ Hannah’s debut new adult romance and as usual I wish there was more. I hope there can be a second book? There are lots of supporting characters and a spark of a romance with Corbin’s sister and his friend Riley that could be very interesting.  Even though there is a bit of closure……there are definitely things that could continue with Sophia and Corbin. This is a must add to your ToBeRead list!!!!

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TJ Hannah is a Canadian author working on her first NA novel, THE TRUTH ABOUT US, while juggling a few other personalities and living multiple lives. She loves to be outside or writing but preferably writing outside. TJ is also easily appeased with a good book, a comfortable couch, and a glass of wine.


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