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Blog Tour + Giveaway: Moments of Reckoning by Savannah Stewart

Title: Moments of Reckoning
Author: Savannah Stewart
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance/Suspense
Publish Date: October 2, 2013
Review Source: eARC provided by Author for review

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*This book contains adult situations and explicit content/language*

Hannah Davis has been secretly in love with her best friend, Jason Malone for years now. Afraid of rejection and ruining their friendship, she settled for just that—friendship. Until one tragic night out, turns her world upside down. Will she survive?

Jason Malone has been in love with Hannah Davis since the day they met years ago. But one tragic night out, could cause him to lose the chance at love that he has desperately been waiting for. Will he be able to save her?


Let's start by saying Savannah Stewart is a very talented writer.  I very much enjoyed Moments of Reckoning.  Don't let the 3.5 bar rating fool you into believing that I didn't enjoy the story of Hannah Davis because I did enjoy it, it just didn't leave me wanting more.  

Hannah Davis is destined to be a Psychiatrist like her father.  It's the only dream he's ever had for his daughter and she's not allowed to let him down.  Hannah's family relocated when she was young and she became friends with the boy down the street, Jason Malone. They have been friends forever, and Hannah's always harbored unspoken feelings for Jason and now, even though they attend the same university, she can't bring herself to confess her love for him.  But that all changes abruptly one night out while trying to release some stress before their semester really starts to pick up.  After one bar room brawl and some confessed feelings, Hannah finds her life in grave danger and her friends and family along with Jason have to try to piece together any clues they can find to save her life.

I gave Moments of Reckoning a 3.5 because I felt like the characters could have used a little more oomph.  There just weren't a lot of layers to them.  I felt like the story could have been longer and that wouldn't have been bad it just might have given more background on Hannah and Jason and how they have become the people they are today.  But I guess that's really not what the story was about.  The central store was really about Hannah and the trauma that she is forced to endure.  I definitely couldn't stop flipping the pages though to find out how the story would end, if she and Jason would end up together and even what happens with their friends.  All together, Savannah Stewart did a pretty great job, so please don't let the rating turn you away, Moments of Reckoning was very much worth reading!


Our faces were so close at this point that our noses slightly brushing against one another when either of us moved. Matthew slowly raised his hand and brushed the back of it across my cheek as we stared into each other’s eyes. Closing my eyes I let out a long, slow sigh. This was my Matthew…the loving boy I used to know. If only time could be rewound and things could take place differently. I was lost in thought when I felt Matthew’s damp lips press against mine. Shock raced through my mind as I let out a gasp. My eyes flew open in response as I found myself slightly pushing back from him. Then I watched Matthew shut down. Hurt followed by anger flashed across his face faster than I could
count to three. He was back on his feet shaking his head violently back and forth.
“No…No … NO!!!! I KNEW IT!!!” he yelled louder and louder.
“Matthew, wait…” I reached for him as I tried to stand but the coldness in his eyes froze me where I sat.

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