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Review: Fair Play by Janna Shay

Title: Fair Play
Series: Diamond #1
Author: Janna Shay
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: May 1, 2012
Review Source: Purchased eBook

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Forced to live a clandestine life, Danielle “Dani” Jordon believes she has found a safe haven in Las Vegas until she meets devastatingly handsome casino owner Jace Diamond. With his compelling sexual magnetism and mind-numbing kisses, Dani finds her world turned upside-down. Resisting the most compelling man she has ever met proves to be a task Dani doesn’t have the strength to fight.

Inexplicably drawn to her, Jace embarks on a relentless pursuit to make Dani his. It isn’t long before he finds himself irrevocably in love, but can he convince Dani that she belongs with him?

Trapped in her life of deceit, Dani is afraid to admit her love for Jace or believe in a life without fear. Can Dani take the chance and trust Jace to provide the sanctuary she so desperately needs or will that trust lead to exposure of her secrets and destroy her life.


I loved this book!!! And I can tell you it’s completely because of Dani. I just loved her character – she’s just cool without trying to be. She’s on the run and has settled for the time being in Las Vegas working at the Diamond Casino as a cocktail waitress. The story dives right into hotness. She’s at the pool basically topless and has a weird/wonderful encounter with whom she thinks is another employee since they are at the employee pool. Little does she know…….

Jace Diamond is a handsomely rich casino owner and since the pool incident and another little mishap at one of the casino tables, Jace isn’t going to let her go so easily. However, she’s not interested in him – at least that’s what she tells him, her body is all over him. She can’t hide from him and he is very determined to make her his.

Dani has secrets she can’t tell anyone. Secrets she’s been carrying around for 7 years and have her constantly on the run. During her childhood all she had was her mom, they had each other. Her mom married thinking this would give them a better life. Little did she know that her mom was marrying a monster. Awful events shake Dani and she runs. 7 years without anyone to help her or anyone to depend on.

She knows if she starts something with Jace she will have to leave him someday and she is trying to avoid this. However; every time they are around each other it’s like a magnet is pulling them together. She soon realizes she can’t fight him any longer but makes a deal with him that there is no commitment and that someday she will have to leave. Will he accept that she won’t commit to a future with him? Will she trust Jace enough let him in on her secrets so he can help her?

The events that unfold during the last half of this book created a problem for me…..I couldn’t put the book down!!! There are twist and turns that you just don’t see coming. Fair Play is sweet, romantic, Hot & has a bit of action. I very much recommend this book!!!!


Janna Shay writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. In addition to writing, Janna is a freelance editor and an editor for Jules-Faulkner Publishing. She also does book reviewing and author promotion.

Janna is a native Californian who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her romantic husband and her loving miniature schnauzer. She is a mother of seven grown children, who all live in nearby communities of Northern California.

Fair Play, the first novel in her Diamond series, set in Las Vegas, Nevada, is contemporary romantic fiction with a hint of suspense. It is available in digital and print formats.

Janna is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America and the Black Diamond Romance Writers of America.


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