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Blog Tour + Giveaway: The Undisciplined Bride by Ginger Voight

Title: The Undisciplined Bride
Author: Ginger Voight
Genre: Adult - Contemporary Romance
Publish Date:  October 1, 2013
Review Source: ARC eBook provied by Author for review.
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Throughout her 23 years, Peyton Prescott was used to running the show. That went into overdrive the minute she agreed to become a bride. Born into an affluent Southern family, she was expected to fulfill her social obligation to marry well, and found that unsuspecting groom in her pushover fiancé, Leland Goodreau. He, like the rest of her family, catered to her every whim to keep her happy, and she predicted a satisfactory, if not boring, existence as his missus.

In fact, the only real human to stand up to this bridezilla from hell is Mateo Bravo, one of the chefs she considers to cater the blessed event. Sparks fly the minute they meet and out of sheer defiance, she hires Mateo and his sister Naomi for every social gathering in the remaining months until she marries.

Mateo, unlike any other man she's ever met, doesn't put up with Peyton’s behavior. With a masculine energy that she finds alluring and exciting, he turns her entitled existence upside down by showing her she's not always the boss. No one is more surprised than she is when she finds out that she kind of likes it.

Peyton decides to seduce, and then dump, the middle-class cook, just to get him out from under her skin. Instead she finds out that there are a few things in life even the great Peyton Prescott can’t plan.


First I would like to say that there are good books, great books, and amazing books. This would fall in the amazing category. When I first started this book I was like great a story about a rich bride who is stuck up and throws a fit when she doesn’t get her way....Boy was I wrong.

The Undisciplined Bride takes place in Houston, involving three families. The first family is the Prescott’s who have a lot of money from banking. Their daughter Peyton is engaged to marry the second families son Leland Goodreau III whose family is oil tycoons. The third family that you will meet in this story and fall absolutely in love with are the Bravo’s, Naomi and Mateo.

I found myself at first really disliking Peyton for her spoiled, whiney, and true outright bitchy self. She starts off berating her best friend Lissette for not going with her to find the “perfect” wedding dress and putting other obligations before her. Lissette is Leland’s sister and Peyton’s best friend who is the complete opposite of Peyton. Lissette is the one who introduces the families together in the book. She becomes friends with Naomi and Mateo and finds herself in love with Naomi. Lissette commends the Bravo’s catering company to work several of the parties that these families host. One particular party is being hosted by Peyton’s parents and when the caterers are late arriving due to having a flat tire, Peyton heads out in true bitchy form to give Mateo the what for over arriving late to set up. He immediately strikes back refusing to bow down to her verbal berating and bites right back at her. Peyton is immediately taken aback by not only his charming good looks, but by the fact he did not take her verbal assault.

As Peyton continues to find herself drawn to Mateo throughout the evening he chastises Lissette for “helping” finish up the parties set up and hanging out with the hired help. What she doesn’t know is how involved Lissette is with “the help” . As the story progresses Peyton starts realizing that Lissette has found the secret to true happiness and she sees that she is missing out and feels like a third wheel. Peyton continues to feel the pull of Mateo she starts doing some soul searching finding out that the “rich” life isn’t all that. She soon starts learning what real love is and decides to follow her heart instead of the path that has been laid out for her. Lissette and Peyton grow closer during this time as Peyton learns what the simple enjoyments of life are and that they are not always served on a silver platter. When faced with the choices of love or money, both women follow their hearts.

This story is about more than just love, it is about survival, trust, revenge, and overcoming and working through those things. This author managed to not only write a wonderful love story for one couple, but she entwined it to involve two love stories and the issues that they face. I can say that I would recommend this book to everyone. Ginger Voight you hit it out of the park with this one ... wishing you much success.

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Ginger Voight is a prolific author, freelance writer and optioned screenwriter. Her fiction is diverse, with novels like the edgy, coming-of-age drama DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, and the fun family adventure for kids of all ages, COMIC SQUAD.Having grown up reading different authors like Danielle Steel and Stephen King, Ginger has always been drawn more to story than to genre. This shows up in her various stories. Titles such as MY IMMORTAL and TASTE OF BLOOD are a delicious, heady mix of horror, suspense, and romance.Genre romance, however, has held a special place in her heart, ever since she read her first Harlequin novel when she was only eleven. As a result, Ginger is making a name for herself writing romances of her own, starring women who look more like the average American woman rather than those traditionally represented in the size-biased American media. Her Rubenesque romances were created especially for those heroines with fuller figures, who can still get the man of their dreams if only they believe they can. Such titles include UNDER TEXAS SKIES, LOVE PLUS ONE, THE GROUPIE TRILOGY, THE FIERCE TRILOGY and PICTURE POSTCARDS.Ginger was included in the best-selling book by Smith Magazine NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS PLANNING, featuring her six-word memoir.

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