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Indie-Credible Author Event with Jean Booth

Title: Choice
Series: Origins of the Supernaturals #1
Author: Jean Booth
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publish Date: January 22, 2011
Review Source: Arc eBook 

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It was chance, guided by the hands of a god that brought them together. Would their choice bind them, or be the cause of their destruction?
Natasha never believed that the fairy tales she read to her niece about supernatural beings were real. She read them to give her niece hope. She, herself, had all but given up on love, until the fateful day when she went scuba diving in the Bermuda Triangle and was thrust into a culture of people that’d change her life forever.
On a legendary island, she meets Raif, the shape shifting Warrior Chief of Atlantis, and her soul mate. Their attraction is instant, powerful and foretold by an oracle, centuries before Natasha was born. She struggles with the attraction, unwilling to believe in soul mates, and fraught with the desire to return to the surface where she can continue her monotonous life, free from the intense and confusing emotions she feels around Raif.
All his life, Raif’s searched for her. To have finally found her after so long, is a dream come true. Trouble is; this dream’s more of a nightmare that he can’t seem to find a way out of than the haven it’s supposed to be. His people have become complacent, and her arrival is the beginning of fulfilling an ancient prophesy; a prophesy that not too many are willing to see fulfilled, least of all, his king.
Together they’re faced with the most difficult choice of their lives: doom a hidden, mythical culture to eternal segregation, or sacrifice their love to reunite Atlantis with the rest of the world?

MY REVIEW OF CHOICE (Origins of the Supernaturals #1):

This was such a wonderful debut book.  Luckily for me, Jean Booth released it in 2011 and has three more books in the Origins of the Supernaturals as well as two novellas, in other words, plenty more books to keep my love of supernaturals thriving! 

Natasha leads a pretty sedentary life.  She has been helping her sister raise her daughter since she was born.  Now at thirty years old, Natasha finds herself heading off on a solo adventure.  She heads to Miami to go on a cruise to Bermuda where the highlight of her trip is going to be her first open ocean dive.  She's been training at home in Lake Tahoe but is scared to death of sharks and is super fearful that she'll meet one face to face on this dive, though she's been assured sharks won't be anywhere near where they will be diving. Natasha hasn't been in a serious relationship since before her niece was born.  The last relationship she had was with Keith, a man whom she swore she was in love with and thought he felt the same till he just up and left one day.  She bumps back into her old flame in Miami the night before the cruise sets off and finds that the old feelings are still there.  Natasha has been looking for proof of soul mates her whole life, constantly coming back to it, especially when it comes to fairytales she fills her nieces head with at night.  Maybe Keith has come back to her for a reason?

While on the dive, Natasha gets herself separated from the rest of the diving group and swears she sees a shark and immediately freaks out.  She untethers herself from Keith (whom she chose to be her diving partner) and ends up in the lost city of Atlantis.  Now wait, before you roll your eyes and think, "oh no, not Atlantis", I can tell you I thought that myself and was pleasantly surprised by how the story progressed from here. Natasha meets Raifuku (Raif for short) upon her arrival to Atlantis and is inextricably drawn to him. The love story between Raif and Natasha was incredible.  The way Jean weaved the story of Atlantis and Poseidon into this remarkable story was wonderful.  The world is vivid and alive, you almost feel like you're seeing it before your eyes rather than reading about it.  The electricity between Raif and Tasha felt tangible and had me feeling everything they felt toward one another.     

Choice was a really terrific book.  I've given it a four just because I'm still not sure if the the beginning of the story seemed to drag because Natasha's life was supposed to seem boring before Raif or if the story just didn't pick up and start flowing until mid-book.  Either way once her story picked up and she finds herself with Raif, the book just took off and I couldn't put it down. If you are a fan of supernatural stories, you'll enjoy this one.  I loved how she weaved the origin of the vampires into Choice and I can't wait to see what she has come up with the rest of the origin stories: Changed #2, Created #3, Consumed #4 and I'm told there is a #5 in the works.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  


1.             How did the Origins of the Supernatural’s series come to you?

Honestly, I've always loved vampires and other Supernatural beings. I've been reading books on them since I first developed a passion for reading. In every book I've ever read, they either just say Supes have always just been, or it was a virus turned bad or they just "came out of the coffin" so to speak. The tales never really rang true for me, and I'd always had this origin belief underneath the surface. It wasn't until my mother suggested that I try writing that I actually let it out.

2.             Do you have a favorite character? If so, who is it and why?

This question is like asking me if I had a favorite child! I'm not sure I can really pick a favorite because they're all my creations, a part of me. I think that I'd probably have to pick Victoria though. She plays a very minor role in the first two books but you learn her story in the second two. Her journey was the most difficult to write. I also love Natasha for her hidden, deep-seeded need to find love. She comes off as nonchalant, but in reality, she's broken, hurt and desperately searching to find her perfect partner. I honestly love them all for very different reasons.

3.             Do you have a favorite supernatural species in general?  If so, what is it and why?

Hmm... Growing up, I'd always had a certain fondness for vampires. I loved their mysterious, romantic and even the horrific versions of them. To live forever, love forever, have the ultimate power, I don't know. It's heady. A few years ago, I read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and developed a deep love of Shifters that I never expected to have. It was the first time I'd seen them as anything more than mindless animals. I'm not sure if I like them more than vampires or not, but it's a toss-up.

4.             How long have you been in love with the lost city of Atlantis?

I learned about Atlantis when I was in grade school and have been hooked ever since. It's one of my secret obsessions.

5.             What do you do when you are not writing?

I'm a wife and a mother to 9 cats and the ten of them keep me very busy. I'm also a grant writer/researcher, so that takes up quite a bit of my time. When I need a break from the computer I watch Castle, read, play with the cats, sew, paint, color, play video games, ride my motorcycle or bake.

6.             When did you first start writing and when did you finish your book?

I started writing fantasy in May of 2010 and that book is still in my shelf to be finished. I started Choice in July or August and finished it in November of the same year.

7.             Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

Almost everything in my books has started from real-life experiences, and then blossomed into pure fiction. There are still some aspects that are factual, but those will remain with me. ;)

8.             What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

I loved writing the scene when Natasha meets Raif. It still brings a pre-teen smile to my face when I think about it. I also loved writing the history and geography of Atlantis. It was fun to create life and a completely unique culture using Plato's history and descriptions of Atlantis. I tried to stay truthful to his descriptions in Timaeus while still making it completely my own.

9.             How did you come up with the title?

I wrote Choice without knowing what the title would be until I was almost finished with it. Most of my books are written without a title. I knew this was going to be the start of a 5-book series (I wasn't planning on writing the two stories for Victoria, or the novellas, so the series is going to be longer!) and was talking to my sister about the title and we thought it'd be cool, unique and fun to have all the books in the series start with C. I'm kind of regretting that decision now. lol The novellas weren't planned, nor were they originally to be part of the series, so they are the only books in the series that don't start with C.

10.          Did you design the cover?

I start with a painting then alter all my covers with photoshop. I design, paint and produce all of my cover art. Lascivious is actually in the middle of a re-vamp right now. It should have a new cover in a few weeks.

11.          What project are you working on now? Will you have a new book coming out soon?

I'm currently finishing up Envisioned, the second novella in the series, along with the fifth novel in Origins. I have a short-story in the Shades of Pink anthology ( that's available now for pre-orders via donations. All the proceeds go directly to breast cancer research and will be available until the end of October. Envisioned will be available in November, and the fifth book in the Origins series should be out soon.


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