Friday, August 23, 2013

Naughty Mafia Recap

So I decided recently to create this blog and when I did that I made a decision that I wanted to attend Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas 2013.  Unfortunately at the time I didn't think my hubby would be down with that idea.  Luckily once I mentioned it he was basically like, "Why aren't you going?" So I squealed and jumped up and down a few times and then I bought my ticket. 

The event itself was held at the Hard Rock Las Vegas Casino & Resort.  I did not stay on site with all the other amazing men and women who attended but I was there for the signings Saturday and Sunday. Here is a recap of my time at the Hard Rock!

Saturday, August 17, 2013:

I have never in my life attended a book signing.  Several friends from across the U.S. have gotten them signed for me but I had never had the pleasure of attending myself.  Boy am I glad I did.  Saturday was off the hook amazing!  I met so many amazing authors and also fellow bloggers and readers alike.  Everyone for the most part was courteous and mindful of those around them and the ladies that put this even on deserve a HUGE pat on the back and hopefully were able to get drunk and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  They had colored raffle tickets that were given out for Sylvia Day, S.C. Stephens, Kristen Ashley and Jasinda Wilder.  Once you had your ticket you were free to move around the hall to get other authors books, photos, swag, etc ...

My favorite moments of the day ... 
SYLVIA DAY ... Well of course I was excited to see her and she was amazing in person by the way.  If you ever get a chance, please meet her!  She is not only gorgeous but she is super sweet and took the time to sign the FIVE items I had for her because of course several friends just had to have a piece of Gideon signed by the woman herself!  She gave everyone who came to her table a Cross Industries t-shirt in a 2XL so naturally it's a nightgown on me but I love it! 

NICOLE EDWARDS ... I mean wow!  I was so freaking excited to see her I'm surprised honestly that I didn't cry and or wet my pants.  Okay admittedly I did tear up a minute when I gave her the wine bottle I made for her - Queen of Menage a Trois - covered in her book covers with a quote from Addicted where Logan and Luke toast to threesomes!  I got Temptation and Devotion signed by her because Luke, Sierra and Cole are my favorite in her series'!  I just adore her husband Colt on Facebook and was super excited to get a photo with both of them!

CHRISTINA OF CHRISTINA LAUREN ... she has dubbed me "Skinny Bitch" I even let her sign my copy of Beautiful Bastard that way ... the inscription reads "To my favorite Skinny Bitch (P.S. I <3 U)".  LOVE HER!  All of this because she got to see my youngest son Tristan (1 year old) in the morning as she was setting up.  My husband brought him out to drop me off and Tristan was making authors, bloggers and volunteers smile as they entered the hall to set up.  Christina was one of them so when I mentioned later that Tristan got his photo with Gary Taylor and my husband she was like, "OMG that was your baby!?" and then looked at me in my black corset and skinny jeans and dubbed me Skinny Bitch!  I'm happy with the nickname and have embraced it!

GARY TAYLOR ... alright I know the man is HOT but he is also a freaking teddy bear!  He is so freaking sweet and after having seen my husband and taken his photo with Tristan that morning he managed to remember my name and that it was my birthday after Corbin tried to get him to come over and look for me at the signing line.  He is so sweet to his fans and he signed posters and book marks and anything else you threw at him (girls were getting their bodies signed so I'm sure he was asked at some point!).  

DR. IVAN RUSILKO ... I've not had the pleasure of reading The Winemaker's Dinner series yet but I certainly will make the time after meeting him!  So sweet and he even cuddled me in his photo which was just tons of fun to take!  Full of charm and charisma, seek him out if you're ever at a signing with him.

J. STERLING ... because the girl is a freaking HOOT every time you come into contact with her.  I haven't read her books yet but Ena from Swoon Worthy needed her book signed so I happily obliged and got to meet this fabulous author in the process!

KRISTEN ASHLEY ... she is just a rockin' chick!  I guess that's why she writes the Rock Chick series but she is super fun in person.  She stood up to take a photo with every one who came to her line and laughed and was super personable and easy to talk to.  Can't wait to read my signed copy of Own the Wind!

Sunday, August 18, 2013:

Sunday I had received a ticket from Brandelyn Harris of Seductive Romance Reviews for the Blogger Brunch since she was not going to be able to make it.  THANK YOU so much for this again!  When the bloggers arrived to the brunch we had to give our names and then we got two bags, one from Penguin Classic and one from Forever Romance.  Each bag had books from the respective publishers. Thank you to Penguin and Forever Romance for all of the wonderful books.  I haven't read any of them except for Blush (which is AMAZING) and look forward to reading/reviewing the rest soon!

At the Blogger Brunch I got the chance to sit at a table with Nicole & Colt Edwards and we had fun chatting for a little while about random things and that was just a surreal experience for me.  They are two very down to earth people and I wish I could have hung out with them longer.  I also got a chance to talk to Kailin Gow briefly about her upcoming book release, The Innocent (The Protege #2) which we are on the blog tour for and she says its "sexy on top of sexy on top of sexy" so I am very much looking forward to reading and having that review up next week!

Lastly we had the Sunday Sinners signing which was also very fun though not as packed as the day before and that was a good thing.  

Favorite moments from Sunday ...

MONICA MURPHY ... I got to talk with her briefly in the hallway before the signing and then again later at her table.  She is super sweet and seemed a little shy or maybe I was just way too fan girly for her, either way she was awesome and signed three books for me and one of them I will be giving away on the blog soon!

MICHELLE VALENTINE ... So, Michelle was one of the people responsible for putting this event together.  She was also signing on Saturday.  She was in the first line of tables and there were so many people going to Kristen Ashley, Jasinda Wilder and her own table that I never even saw where her table was located.  I missed her completely.  So Sunday, when I saw her walking around like anyone else getting books signed I politely asked her for a photo.  She was happy to accommodate the request and even took a few minutes to ask if I had attended any of the parties the night before.  I explained that while Saturday was my birthday, my husband couldn't be talked into doing the Hottest Abs in Vegas party much to my dismay.  I also explained that I was unable to stop by her table on Saturday because I never saw her in the sea of people walking around.  She then took the time to sign her books for me and I was just so very glad I happened to see her because if I had missed her I would have been super sad when I got home!  Thank you so much Michelle! <3

Really most of the authors both days were amazing.  There were a few that left a bad taste in my mouth or seemed like they didn't really care that people were visiting their table and that to me is just unfortunate.  Why attend and sign if you're not happy about it?!  Overall though, AMAZING experience.  Please go next year if you can.  They are already planning Naughty Mafia Rocks Las Vegas 2014 but they will be switching hotels.  I will keep information updated as I see it!

So here is a slideshow of photos I took with the amazing authors from Saturday and Sunday and a picture of all the swag I brought back.  Look for a Giveaway soon!!!

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