Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review: Temptation (Club Destiny #2) by Nicole Edwards

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Sierra Sellers has never had a problem finding a date, but when her mother’s meddling ways result in her being set up with the intensely sexy Luke McCoy, owner of Club Destiny, Sierra learns she can’t fight temptation. When he unleashes her deepest, darkest fantasies, she finds herself in a position she doesn't want to get out of.

Luke McCoy has run fast and hard from the demons that chase him. The hot, fierce need that pushed him beyond the boundaries he hadn't realized he’d erected resulted in a two month hiatus from the world he’d built for himself. A world concreted in lust and forbidden fantasies. So when his twin brother Logan introduces him to Sierra, Luke finds himself up against another temptation that he can’t resist.

Cole Ackerley never backs down from a challenge, but that was before he’d been intimately introduced to Luke McCoy. Throw in the black haired vixen with the glowing blue eyes, and Cole finds himself engulfed in a menage hot enough to rival the sun. When his feelings for both of them ignite, Cole learns the true meaning of self-restraint.

The deep, soul scorching hunger that ignites between the three of them turns into a firestorm of sensuality and lust that only burns brighter and hotter with every encounter. But when Luke continues to push them away, can Cole and Sierra find a way to show him there are no boundaries when it comes to love?

I finished Temptation last night and started this review and was at a complete loss for words.  As I sit here this morning I'm still in awe.  I think that bit above "The deep, soul scorching hunger that ignites between the three of them turns into a firestorm of sensuality and lust that only burns brighter and hotter with every encounter." pretty much sums up how I feel about Luke, Sierra and Cole's relationship and the book in general. 

How about some of my favorite quotes from the book while I think about this some more ...

"You own me ... you own every fucking part of me, and I won't back off this time.  From you or from Sierra.  Don't make me." ~ Cole

"I'm not as easy as you seem to think I am, Luke.  I'm not one of those girls you can throw down on your bed, have your wicked way with, and then walk away from.  I deserve better than that." ~ Sierra

"I've heard the whispered comments, calling me a world class asshole, and I've accepted the truth in them.  ... But for those of you who know me best, you know my life has changed in dramatic ways recently.  It might've taken a couple of two by fours to the head to make me open my eyes, but I can tell you, standing here with Sierra and Cole, I've never been happier." ~ Luke

Oh and let's not forget my favorite tender moment between Luke and Logan ...

"What are we toasting to?" ...  "Threesomes." ...  "Threesomes?" ...  "Yes.  Let's toast to threesomes.  May every man be lucky enough to watch the pleasure another man can bring his woman." ..."Frequently and in every possible position." ~ Luke and Logan

Yeah I know, it's not supposed to be a hearts and flowers kind of book but I just absolutely loved every second of Temptation.  I loved watching Luke struggle with who he is and what he wants.  I loved Sierra for being head strong and independent and having the willpower to stay away from either of these men when all her body wanted to do was hold on to them for dear life.  I loved Cole for always knowing exactly what he wants and for putting himself out there even though he knew he was setting himself up for rejection.  These are three amazing characters and of course they are surrounded by the rest of the cast of Club Destiny and we get to see how Samantha and Logan are doing in their new marriage.  We even get a sneak peek at other characters like Kane, Tag and Alex as we move into the rest of the CD series.  

In short, Nicole has done it again.  Just when I think she couldn't possible write something hotter than the last book she goes and completely smashes that thought to smithereens.  Grab the entire Club Destiny series when you can, you won't be disappointed.  I personally can't wait to meet the woman herself and her amazing husband Colt at Naughty Mafia next month in Las Vegas!


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