Friday, July 19, 2013

Launch Day

Hello and thank you for stopping by my page to welcome me to the blogging community. I am not new to reviewing books but I'm definitely new to blogging. It has been so much fun setting this site up and I already have some really exciting books to share with you. My first review will be up later today for Conviction (Club Destiny) by the amazingly talented Nicole Edwards. since the name of my site was born from a conversation with the women of the Nicole Edwards Nation (Yes we were having a conversation about B.O.B.'s late one night when i woke up the next morning, Battery Operated Book Blog was what popped in my head.) I thought it only fitting that my first review belong to her.

This site will be dedicated to New Adult and Adult Romances/Erotica from pretty much any genre with the exception of fantasy, not a huge fan of that. You will occasionally see a YA romance review, most will belong to my amazingly talented friend, Karen Hooper, Author of Grasping at Eternity (Kindrily Book 1), Taking Back Forever (Kindrily Book 2) and Tangled Tides (The Sea Monster Memoirs). I look forward to sharing my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc ... here with all of you.

Feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook to give me your book recommendations. If you are an Author who is considering allowing me to review your book, please send me an email.


  1. YAAAAY! Huge congrats! *throws confetti*
    And I'm honored to mentioned in your launch post. *hugs*
    I'm certain you're gonna be a huge success. Happy Blogging! :)