Monday, July 22, 2013

Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

Ordinarily I'd start a post with the Goodreads summary but I thought that might make this post a little too long, so I'm just going to skip the small talk and get right to it.


Need I say more?  Okay maybe I should because for those of you who have not read the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day you are either living under a rock or you TBR list is so long that you just haven't had time to get to them.  In either case I forgive you, but now it's time to go read them.  I am not going to post spoilers here ... it will be incredibly difficult but I'll do my best.

A lot of you have read Fifty Shades of Grey or you've at least heard of them.  My own Mother read them, thanks Mom!  So you know the sexiness that is Christian Grey.  Well multiply that by about a thousand and you will have how I see Gideon Cross.  He is just melt your knees, pantie meltingly delicious.  Something about a man in a three piece suit and a mode of transportation that will just cause your mouth to water and make you want to take your clothes off.

Then you have Eva Tremell.  Unlike Ana in Fifty, Eva actually has a backbone and isn't threatened by Gideon's money, due to the fact that she's had money most of her life and has a decent amount of wealth set aside for herself.  I love her and her strength and the fact that she isn't afraid to have a good fight with Gideon.

What drives me crazy all the time no matter what story it is, is the lack of communication between couples.  Seriously, if you think your man is cheating, call him out on it ... don't run out on whatever previous engagement you were committed to in order to piss off your significant other and make the already insecure lover even more insecure.  Super frustrating ... which is why in Reflected in You I literally tossed my iPad aside and just shook my head for a while.

I love Gideon and Eva's chemistry.  The sex between these too is ridiculously off the charts HOT!  Let's just say there are a couple of scenes between the pair in Entwined with You that will leave you with a bit of a light sweat on your body.

I love Cary, Eva's long time best friend and roommate who is bi-sexual.  I really hope we get more of Cary's story at some point because he is just a fascinating character all together.

I hate Corinne and for those that have read you understand and totally empathize I'm sure ... for those that haven't read this series yet, don't worry you'll want her hurt in the worst way possible as well.  But every story has to have that character, right?!

Then there is dear ol' Mom who is just a basket case. I really think she needs more than therapy, but there are two books left in the series and hopefully she'll get what she needs at some point.

Overall I enjoyed all three books.  I'm with those that don't necessarily agree with the FIVE book series.  Entwined felt like it was stretched a lot just to get us to Book 4 but I very much enjoyed it and so much more than Reflected.  I don't have a 4.5 rating but I had to give it one just because I'd give Bared to You a 5, Reflected a 4 and Entwined a 5 ... so there you have it.  Read it then let's talk because if you loved Christian you're going to love Gideon as much if not more!

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